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Congruent Solution Inc. is a world leader in e-commerce - providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services. The main orientation of the company is web design with an emphasis on affordable web design products and services. We pioneered in creating and selling high quality website templates. Our library is currently the largest on the Internet, with over 5,000 website template designs. We add, on average, 150-200 new designs monthly.
Website Designs
As a web design company we offer complete web design solutions,We understand the every company has a unique requirement when it comes to web designing. Where our responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the website stand out from its competition.
Custom Website design
Beautiful Graphic Design
Valid CSS/XHTM & usability
We provide website design and development services in a professional manner backed up with a top priority customer service. Our designs use the finest elements of typography, usability, optimization, and colour profiles. Our team comprises of talented artists, graphics designing,animators,with significant industry experience in delivering world class Graphics Design.

We code valid CSS and XHTML. This helps your website on many levels - it loads faster, is understood by search engine spiders, works in all browsers, and is very easy to alter.

Logo Design
One of the most important first steps in developing an identity for your company is crafting a logo. Logo designing is a mix of engineering and art. The best logos in the world are comprised of simple text and uncomplicated graphics.
Branding Your Business
Bright Concepts
Scalable Vectors
Creating a brand is really about creating a message that you will share with your customers. We値l work with you to define your message and from there we値l create your identity website, logo, and print. A logo should have some basic character to qualify as a professional logo. It's not all about appearance. We help you understand the theory behind the designing of a brandable logo. Our logo designs are sent to you in vector format so that you can resize your company logo design as per your requirement without any loss of quality.

Branding & Identity
Creating an effective brand is something that requires experience. Our all expert teams gives their full effort to make your brand effective By working with us, you will be tapping into years of experience in creating unique brand identities for our clients. Here we are to make your dream in real world.
Branding Your Business
Long Term Brand Recognition
Consistency Across the Board
Customer develops an opinion by viewing the presentation of you brand.Make it right impression.We can help to make your brand speak to what you are as company.within few second your brand will make your business alive. We like to think long-term. Where will your company be in the next two to five years? What about five to ten years? We can help you develop a brand that will upscale from a startup to a more complete corporate identity.

Your company will be recognized by your clients bcoz of visual impressions you make. We値l create a corporate colour palette that will extend across your entire brand from web to print.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing service where search engines index your site to help customers find you easily. SEO optimizes the content and build effective link popularity so that your website can be indexed in several major search engines.Search engine optimization and effective online marketing helps your website to be visible in all major search engines.
Google Ranking
Adword Keyword Campaign
Keyword Optimization
Want your site to be noticed, make sure that your site stands good rankings in the search engines like that of Google.We help you to get the best place in search engine rankings and optimizing your website to get noticed. Our team of experts will help you getting your site enlisted in the top search engines.We値l help you set up a keyword campaign to help your ranking with Google.

Content has the power to catch the attention of search engine crawlers.We値l help you write content that is clear and search-engine-spider friendly.If SEO is God then content is the king.

Graphic Illustration
One of the top reasons people come to us is to create a great looking graphic image for their site. We provides designing illustrations to serve your specific purpose. Our illustrations are bold friendly and contemporary combining elements that both inform and entertain.
Scalable Across Web Print
Crisp Graphics for Web
West Coast Inspired Design
We have years of experience in Illustrator and Photoshop.Our illustrations are made using vectors so our logo and print designs scale to any size without compromising quality.
We have an effective process to save your images to the web so that they are true to your colours, sharp and crisp around the edges, and very fast loading.

We work in close co-ordination with you to capture your imagination on the screen, be it the hues of colors or the degree of realism, our illustrators strive to deliver delight to our customers.
CSS & Maintenance
We are experienced in just about all types of common web design and development, from compliant xhtml to css, and custom animations.The reason of using XHTML & CSS is fast load times of your website, to SEO of your code, to easy of use, to fast and easy updates to your site, to the ability for disabled people and mobil user to access your site properly, to working on all browsers and future proofing your investment.
Fast Site Wide Changes
Web Standard Compliant
Fast Loading Website
One of the main reasons we use CSS is to have the ability to quickly update and modify your website layout to optimize user experience and product click-through. We always produce standard compliant CSS and XHTML. We work with many backend developers and programmers.

Studies have found that people won稚 wait more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. We make sure this doesn稚 happen.
Printing Works
Design Presentation can provide all your print media needs. Whether you require a project for business or personal use we can develop a unique design that fits your requirements.You can send graphics or text that you wish to be incorporated via fax, email, disc in any format or just let us know what you are looking for and our creative professionals will go to work on your project.
Promoting Your Business
Business Card Design
Your business card is an important aspect of the impression you make on your contact and potential client. Our print design gurus will work with your printer of choice to produce the highest quality prints. Brochures can be used to build your company image, promote a product or an event, update product spec's, or for a hundred other purposes. By print material we can help your business grow. For complete brand identity we create the perfect business card design that suits your needs and identity. Just give us an idea of what you are looking for and let us create a business card that suits you perfectly.
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