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Congruent Solution Inc. is a world leader in e-commerce - providing customers with valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online experiences through a diversity of products and services. The main orientation of the company is web design with an emphasis on affordable web design products and services. We pioneered in creating and selling high quality website templates. Our library is currently the largest on the Internet, with over 5,000 website template designs. We add, on average, 150-200 new designs monthly.
About Congruent
Company Overview
  • Operating since 2004
  • Located in UK, Malaysia, Bangalore and Kolkata
  • Over 150+ Dedicated Professionals
  • To provide highest quality of service in every phase of Client Relationship
Our Clientele:
  • Over 40 countries served
  • Core Customers from US, UK, European Union
Our Strength:
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment to Details
  • In Depth Analysis
  • Regular Demos
  • Complete protection of data
Who we Are
Congruent is a successful website development company with over 150 employees spread across four centres. Our head office is located in United Kingdom.

Established in 2004, Agriya has seen double and sometimes triple digit growth as the outsourcing phenomenon took off. We are consistently adding new staff and more office space as well as looking to improve our knowledge and expertise in various domains.

We have often been asked what the word Agriya means, so we'll make a deal with you. If you contact us, we'll tell you!


Agriya is led by a team of young, forward thinking entrepreneurs. We nurture a culture of inquisitiveness and initiative amongst our employees. The atmosphere we strive for is informal, but without being laid back. Suits and ties are a no-no as we donít believe this formal dress aids creative minds.


We believe that our leaders should have the business acumen combined with the technical expertise to lead and guide their team. The CTO is at the forefront of leading the innovation at Agriya and responsible for ensuring the latest technologies and techniques are used in our client projects.

Client Relationships

Foremost to our business is the long term relationships we build with our clients. Many of our clients have been working with Agriya for several years based on the personal relationships that we build.

Our aim is to fully understand your project, not just technically, but from a business point of view as well. This enables us to offer suggestions on how you can make your site a success.

Each client is assigned a personal Business Development Executive who will act as your point of contact in the company. In some cases we let the client have direct access to the programmers, but this is quite rare.

There is a distinct and clear chain of command at Agriya, so if at anytime the client is not happy about the level of service they are getting, the issue can be moved up the chain to get it resolved.

Working with an outsourcing company is a lot different to working with an inhouse team or a company located in the same city as yours. Communication channels need to be clear and frequent. Our experience has shown that the most successful projects are done by clients who have kept in regular, daily touch with us, either via email or telephone to clear up our questions and feedback.
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